Sensation meets Affordability • Kardinal Stick Xense

Sensation meets Affordability • Kardinal Stick Xense


Most of you might have heard of the name Kardinal Juice in the Malaysia vape industry but many do not realise that they do have their own user-friendly closed pod device that is suitable for those who want to quit their bad habit of smoking.

Many smokers out there have tried countless alternatives of quit-smoking products and yet have failed to get rid of the habit entirely. After countless efforts on research findings for quit-smoking alternatives, finally our Malaysian born company, Kardinal Stick Malaysia has come out with a revolutionary product that can help many to break away from the smoking addiction.


Kardinal Stick Xense is their newest entry device at the time of writing, which I guess is an improvised closed pod system after their experience on the very first version of Kardinal Stick v1. Kardinal Stick Xense primarily focuses on "Sensation meets Affordability" which will cater to the needs of the smokers out there.

This pod system is simple and intuitive, has a 450mAh capacity battery under the sleeve. The device is designed for long usage that can last for at least 2 days for an average user. It is using USB Type-C cable to enable you to fully charge your Kardinal Stick Xense in about 40 minutes to an hour.

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Lets have an overview of the technical spec below:


Simple & Intuitive
- No buttons or switches. Simply insert a KSpod to get started.

Long Lasting Battery
- The Kardinal Stick battery was designed to last for 2 days of usage for an average user.

Fast Charging
- The USB Type-C cable enables you to fully charge your Kardinal Stick in about 40 minutes to an hour.

LED Indicator
-White indicates 30-100% charge and red indicates below 30% charge.



Dimensions: 89.6 x 20.5 x 12 mm
Device Weight: 19.2 g
Battery Capacity: 450 mAh


1 Rechargeable KS device
User Manual
USB Type-C Cable

As you can see, there are no buttons or switches to fire it up. Just simply insert the KSpod and you are ready to go. The auto inhale activation mimics the sensation of smoking when you need a nicotine fix for your vape session.


If you notice, there is no mention of the pre-filled pods available in the device box as they understand that not all flavours suit the taste bud of every user. Therefore, the pre-filled pods which also called "KSPODS" are sold separately with 11 flavours to choose from. Each pack of KSPODS consists of 3 pods pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid. 1 pod will usually last 4-5 days for an average user which is way more cost-effective than smoking cigarettes and furthermore it is 95% safer than conventional cigarettes.

Here are the list of flavours available

• Blueberry • Chocolate Mint • Cola • Grape • Lemonade • Orange Soda • Pineapple • Classic Tobacco • Mint • Watermelon • Grape Apple

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With 11 flavours to choose from, it might be somewhat confusing for a newbie who is eager and wanting to switch from smoking to vaping. I will try my very best to describe each of the KSPOD flavour profiles below

• Grape Apple 

Savour the taste of pure fruity concoction of grape and apple in every delicious puff with KSpod Grape Apple.



Every puff of KSpod Watermelon tastes like a slice of sweet, refreshing, juicy watermelon. Sweeten your day, all year long.


• Mint

Give you the sweet chills. KSpod Mint is an icy cool and revitalizing minty sensation on your taste buds.


• Classic Tobacco
The classic KSpod Tobacco is a familiar, robust tobacco flavour coupled with aromatic notes.
• Chocolate Mint
Indulge in refreshingly cool mint packed with sweet chocolate bits with KSpod Chocolate Mint.
• Blueberry
Every puff is a delicious sweet indulgence and mouth-watering vitality with KSpod Blueberry.
• Pineapple
Refreshing and exhilarating unlike any other. Experience a real taste of tropic splendour with KSpod Pineapple.
• Lemonade
Brighten up your day with KSpod Lemonade. It has a richer full-strength flavour than any other kind we know of.
• Cola
The taste you never get tired of. KSpod Cola is a delicious and refreshing sensation on your taste buds.
• Orange Soda
A classic iconic flavour. KSpod Orange Soda keeps your taste buds tingling and wanting more.
• Grape
KSpod Grape delivers the bold, delicious taste of Concord grapes with delectable coolness in every puff.
Final Verdict
Despite Kardinal Stick Xense being a non-refillable closed pod system, I personally find it an easy, user-friendly device that is totally hassle-free for a non-vaper to kick start their journey to quit smoking entirely. Their lightweight device makes it easy to carry around unlike the conventional vaping device which is quite heavy and requires a lot of vaping knowledge to use it. Kardinal Stick Xense also comes with a limited 1-year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship that arise under normal conditions and use.
Lets join their #kwitsmoking movement to make the environment smoke free!