Everything You Need To Know About Disposable Pods

Everything You Need To Know About Disposable Pods

Lee Hock Khuan


Today’s article will discuss the increased usage of Disposable Pods and the advantages for new users before purchasing. Guides will be provided to give a better understanding about Disposable pods.


Disposable POD Trending

The most trending E-Cigarettes POD spreading amongst Malaysians vapers right now. Considerably the easiest form of vaping for newcomers in a vaping world experience due to its low cost and hassle free convenience. If you are new to vaping, choosing the right device or PODS can be difficult for anyone. Especially without experience or much knowledge about it can give you a bad experience or be costly.


COVID-19 Pandemic during the MCO has played a part in changing the habits of users to look for more convenience and affordability. It's no surprise that more brands like SMOK, DOTMOD, Tropicana and the rest of the other vape manufacturers started to develop their own disposable flavour to meet its increasing demands.


Some even continue to use disposable for long term because they are  affordable and effective to indulge their vaping needs. Some users might prefer a more sophisticated device or POD but today we are educating you all you need to know about disposables and hopefully this gives you a better knowledge to choose your best vape preference.

What's a disposable pod?

Some refer to it as a “Stick” due to its shape, others might call it a disposable kit, pod or device. Whichever names you are familiar with, the usual difference between disposable and a normal device is that they are usually not rechargeable and refillable. It means that you don’t need to replace the coils, cartridges and flavour. Once you're done with the disposable either the battery or the e-liquid runs out in no particular order, it is then discarded.


Most users are more open, accepting the use of disposable since it mimics the usage of smoking traditional cigarettes experience in terms of shape, the way you inhale and exhale its vapor and potentially might help the user to quit smoking all the way. It's very user friendly which does not require you to press any button or make any power adjustment. Definitely a quick fix for smokers as an alternative solution without worrying much on maintenance.


How does it work?

Simply by inhaling the e-liquid similar to how you would lit a stick of cigarette. The pre-installed e-cig battery then powers the coil which will vaporises the e-liquid inside - all is left then is to draw on your disposable at your will. I will however advise to read the instructions beforehand as some disposable pods require you to remove a sticker of the disposable to activate it and some also might require you to wait within 2 minutes before you can start to vape. 

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How long can it last?

This does vary depending on the user, whether they're taking long deep draws or rapidly drawing each time. The range of available puffs is somewhere between 300 puff to 2200 puff. Most disposable makers have them available for 800 puff which averagely will last you between 3 days to a week worth of vaping.

One thing personally i like about having to use the disposables are, it's really small and easy to carry compared to some device or mods which you would need to have your bottles of e-liquid, cartridges or extra coils in case of replacement.


Can disposable pods make large clouds?

It's safe to say at the current moment there is no disposable that could produce a large amount of vapor (clouds). Large clouds are usually formed with a high contain of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) used on a coil with higher capacity wattage. Bear in mind that these disposable pods are meant to be low cost, less hassle without troubling with multiple settings and accessories.

Are they safe?

The large average of disposable ecig is considerably much safer when compared to your standard cigarette. Vapour is not the same as smoke, and it does not contain any tar or carbon monoxide which are both harmful ingredients in a traditional tobacco cigarette smoke. 

In no particular order, here are some of our recommendations:


Benefit Summary:

We have come to a conclusion and here are the list of reasons why you should purchase disposable pods in hope that this will help you better decide your future purchase.

  1. LOW COST - Disposable PODS are ranging from RM15 - RM20 which could last you anywhere between 3 days or a week.
  2. NO MAINTENANCE - Do not require refill, recharged, coil & cartridge replacement. Hassle free convenience.
  3. HEALTHIER CHOICE - One of the many concerns if disposable pods are as harmful as a tobacco cigarette. It does not contain tar & carbon monoxide and other harmful substances unlike standard tobacco cigarettes.
  4. EASY CARRY - The lightweight size is very convenient for you to slip in your pocket unlike other PODS / Devices which are more bulky in comparison.
  5. VARIOUS FLAVOR - You will be amazed by the list of flavour choices in the market right now. Disposable users will always have something new to look forward to in enhancing your taste bud.


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