Kristal, your new kind of Kohld

Kristal, your new kind of Kohld

Lee Hock Khuan

Kardinal Who? 

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The founding of this Malaysian local premium e-liquid begins somewhere in mid of 2017. If this is your first time taking a taste from their product, you will only hear users saying “it's a little pricey” compared to others but you will never hear anyone say “this tastes bad”. This is indeed their benchmark in terms of quality process and the results speak for itself. 

Kardinal is relentlessly thriving to outbest their product in terms of quality, creativity and innovation. This almost makes you feel that each product released has a significant improvement from the previous ones, thus satisfying anticipation for their user fanbase. 

Notably during the early 2019 with the decline of sub-ohm devices, Primera a freebase nicotine flavour was then introduced in response to the increasing trend of pod system users. Unknowing to many that Primera was actually the pioneer that came up with the idea of alternative salt nicotine with throat hit. Now more commonly known as HTPC (High throat hit pod compatible) after going through several naming processes from reviewers, influencers and youtubers. Well, you got it first from Kardinal.

Continuing their success from just tobacco flavour, the brand has now exponentially increased their product range to challenge every category of e-liquid that is in the market. 

And now we can confidently expect nothing less from their latest release - Kristal.


Here comes Kristal

Direct Quote: 

“Kristal is Kardinal’s latest expansion of e-liquid flavour artistry consisting of refreshing beverage and fruity concoctions made with Kohld blend”. 

Adding to their existing roster of flavours. They actually did their homework for about 2-3 years before eventually releasing the all time favourite fruit blend salt nicotine flavour that is loved by many vapor users. 



I’m guessing that name derives from the word ‘cold’ which suggests the cooling effect sensation you get while inhaling the fruit blend e-juice. Now, I personally have tasted it. I have to say it's not merely just a cooling liquid agent ingredient that is used unlike many other brands. I’ll explain later together with the flavour reviews. In short, they crafted a new artistry to deliver a more enjoyable experience.


Volume 15ml
Strength 30mg
Blend ratio 50/50

Kristal Mint

Give you the sweet chills. Kristal Mint is an icy cool, and revitalizing minty sensation on your taste buds.

Comment: Fits the profile for mint, has the refreshing taste of spearmint as expected. It’s very unusual that you get the sweet taste from mint flavor. I like how this is done since I have a sweet tooth. This just makes the flavor a plus to further enjoy. Double the flavour for your taste bud? Yes please. 

Kristal Guava

Kristal Guava provides a mildly sweet taste along with the aromatic scent of pink guava.

Comment: Has the Guava fruit taste. I know, I'm stating the obvious because some Guava e-liquid does not feel like one. More interestingly is with the mix of Kohld, you actually enjoy it more whenever you inhale because that cool sensation kind of lasts for a while with every puff. Guava can be a bit tricky because it sometimes gives the sour, after taste in your mouth. But not for Kristal Guava.

Kristal Mango

Savour the superior taste of an amazingly exotic, incredibly yummy blend of mango.

Kristal Grape

Kristal Grape delivers the bold, delicious taste of Concord grapes with delectable coolness in every puff.

Kristal Lychee

Infused with Asian heritage, this exotic beverage promises an indulgence of delightful taste and pure goodness.

Kristal Honeydew

Kristal Honeydew delivers the delicious flavour of ripe honeydew bursting with pure sweetness and refreshing sensation.

Comment: Favourite fruit of many, myself included. You can expect that melon's sweet taste during inhale and the sense of refreshing watery taste after exhaling. Perfectly balanced with the use of Kohld. You don’t feel the dryness, or overly chill coldness that gives you brain freeze.


In conclusion, Kristal is definitely worth the wait. It really feels like each and every favourite flavour of e-liquid flavour is boosted with the Kohld concoction. Best part about it is, you still can feel the sensation up in your nose and in your mouth after finishing your puff (try blowing out your lung air) and you will get what I mean. Unlike many others, it doesn't irritate your throat and can cause dryness after puffing for a while. Lastly, the pricing is super reasonable for a 15ml bottle e-liquid whilst delivering satisfaction good till the last drop.

For those that enjoy chills in your flavour. This one is going to last you for a long period of time. Thumbs up Kardinal you have done it again breaking another milestone in the vape industry.